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CEQA Documents

The CEQA Guidelines (Title 14, Division 6, Chapter 3 of the California Code of Regulations) are administrative regulations governing the implementation of the California Environmental Quality Act. The CEQA Guidelines reflect the requirements set forth in the Public Resources Code, as well as court decisions interpreting the statute and practical planning considerations. Among other things, the CEQA Guidelines explain how to determine whether an activity is subject to environmental review, what steps are involved in the environmental review process, and the required content of environmental documents. The CEQA Guidelines apply to public agencies throughout the state, including local governments, special districts, and state agencies.

With AB 819, the California Legislature amended the CEQA Guidelines to require a Lead Agency to post the Draft Environmental Impact Report (“EIR”), Final EIR, Negative Declaration, or Mitigated Negative Declaration (“MND”) prepared for a project on the Lead Agency’s website, if the Lead Agency has a website. In addition, AB 819 requires a Lead Agency to post various CEQA notices on its website. This requirement extends to any Notice of Exemption, Notice of Intent to Adopt a Negative Declaration or Mitigated Negative Declaration, Notice of Preparation, Notice of Availability, and Notice of Determination.

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Replenish Big Bear Final Program Environmental Impact ReportReplenish Big Bear Final Program Environmental Impact Report Appendices2024 Local Guidelines for Implementing CEQA.pdfCEQA Notice of Exemption For Capital Projects FY 2024.pdf


2023 Local Guidelines for Implementing CEQA.pdf

Replenish Big Bear Program Draft Program Environmental Impact Report

Notice of Time Extension of Public Review and Comment Period for the Draft Program EIR for Public Review for the Replenish Big Bear Program .pdfNotice of Availability of a Draft Program EIR for Public Review for the Replenish Big Bear Program.pdfReplenish Big Bear Program DPEIR-Volume 1 (December 2023).pdfReplenish Big Bear Program DPEIR-Volume 2 (December 2023).pdfAppendix 1 Bear Valley Lake Alternative Evaluation_Final Draft_181219.pdfAppendix 2 Lake Analysis BBARWA ROWD Final 2022-02-28.pdfAppendix 3 Antidegradation Analysis.pdfAppendix 4 2017 Sand Canyon Recharge Evaluation_TH&Co.pdfAppendix 5 BBARWA ROWD Final 2022-02-28.pdfAppendix 6 LVLDL Groundwater Quality Evaluation Report_171222.pdfAppendix 7 Irrigation Management Plan_2021_Final.pdfAppendix 8 BVB_GSP_FINAL_Jan2022_R1.pdfAppendix 9 TM TH.pdfAppendix 10 Replenish Big Bear modeling 2.24.2022.pdfAppendix 11 AQ 15309-04 AQ Report.pdfAppendix 12 BRA 2023 Replenish Big Bear BRA FINAL.pdfAppendix 13 Cultural 3969 Report Package (Rev).pdfAppendix 14 EA 15309-04 EA Report.pdfAppendix 15 Geology Soil Maps.pdfAppendix 16 GHG 15309-04 GHG Report.pdfAppendix 17 Hazards Geotracker.pdfAppendix 18 Sand Canyon Water Quality Analysis.pdfAppendix 19 GEI BigBearTechMemo 101923_v2.pdfAppendix 20 Alternatives Analysis DocFinal BVWSP Recycled Water Facilities Planning Study_For Viewing.pdfAppendix 21 Noise 15309-04 Noise Study.pdfAppendix 22 WDR.pdfAppendix 23 Resolution 94-63.pdfAppendix 24 0538_001.pdfDocuments incorporated by Reference into the Replenish Big Bear DPEIR and where they can be accessed.pdf


CEQA Notice of Exemption For Capital Projects FY 2023.pdf

Replenish Big Bear

Notice of Preparation and Notice of Public Scoping Meeting.pdfNotice of Preparation Project Description.pdfNotice of Exemption Replenish Big Bear Piloting Study.pdf
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