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Holding tanks; The San Bernardino County Department of Environmental Health Services (DEHS) has adopted a procedure for regulation of the use, or proposed use, of sewage holding tanks. Where a sewage holding tank permit is required, the property owner is required to obtain a building permit, or to operate a holding tank, an individual may select to obtain either a construction or operating permit.

Building permits are issued by the County of San Bernardino. Information is available at

Operating permits are also issued by the County of San Bernardino. Download, print, and fill out the San Bernardino County DEHS Sewage Holding Tank Application, then call (909) 584-4018 to make an appointment to have the Sewer Entity Agreement section signed by the Big Bear Area Regional Wastewater Agency which is the Sewering Entity for the Big Bear Valley. Return the entire application packet to the San Bernardino County DEHS.

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