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Our Mission

Our mission is to effectively collect, treat and beneficially reuse wastewater and biosolids in an environmentally and fiscally responsible manner.


Our vision focuses on the future, is a source of inspiration, and drives the Agency's plan.

Our vision for the next 5 years:

  • Implement a plan for reclaimed water.
  • Continue to be on track with the implementation of the capital improvement plan.
  • Have a succession plan for all levels of the organization.
  • Have updated operational systems to improve efficiency, sustainability, and energy independence.
  • Continue to have a trained, talented, and motivated workforce.
  • Be sharing services with our partners in the region.
  • Leveraging any and all opportunities in support of the mission.

Core Values

Our Core Values Drive the "Way We Work"


BBARWA Employees


Ethical Behavior






Transparent Communications

Performance Objectives


To be a well managed strategically focused and forward-looking organization.


To be a financially strong and stable organization.

Personnel & Organization

To attract and sustain a trained, talented, motivated workforce committed and engaged in integrating the Agency’s mission and core values in their daily work.


To operate and maintain facilities in a manner that produces high-quality effluent and bio-solids, exceeds all regulatory requirements, and is financially responsible.


To build partnerships through honest, open dialogue.

Water Sustainability

To cost-effectively implement a comprehensive water sustainability program to promote the beneficial use of treated municipal wastewater in order to supplement and augment fresh water supplies while protecting the region’s environment and public health. The Agency will work together through regional collaboration to protect and conserve the region’s resources. 

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