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Governing Board Handbook

The purpose of the BBARWA Governing Board Member Handbook is to assist Governing Board members in their service to BBARWA. It is designed for use by all Governing Board members, newly appointed and experienced. Please do not hesitate to contact the General Manager or another Governing Board member regarding the information contained within this handbook. Since all Governing Board members of BBARWA also serve as city council members, commissioners or directors of other Big Bear Valley entities and work with the general managers, staff and legal counsel of these entities, certain advice, policies and procedures will differ from agency to agency. In the event that any procedure, policy or advice received elsewhere is significantly different or creates uncertainty or should conflict arise, please contact the General Manager or Chair of the Governing Board for further assistance and/or clarification.

This handbook has been developed in conjunction with staff and the Governing Board with the final review being performed by legal counsel for legal sufficiency. This handbook is intended to be utilized as a non-binding informational document summarizing existing rules, regulations and policies of BBARWA. No interpretation or use of this handbook shall result in the repeal or enactment of rules, regulations or policies of BBARWA. In the event of a conflict between the provisions of this handbook and existing rules, regulations or policies of BBARWA, the existing rules, regulations, and policies shall be controlling.

Governing Board Handbook.pdf


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