December 14, 2005
4:30 p.m.
121 Palomino Drive
Big Bear City, California

1. Call to Order

2. Pledge of Allegiance

3. Presentations and Introductions

A. Verizon California Inc., Presentation to the Big Bear Area Regional Wastewater Agency – Informational
B. Big Bear City Community Services District (BBCCSD) Presentation Regarding the BBCCSD Water Supply – Informational
C. Presentation on Inflow and Infiltration (I&I) – Informational
D. California Water Environment Association, Desert and Mountain Section Annual Awards – Informational

4. Consent Calendar

A. Approval of the Agenda
B. Minutes of the Special Meeting/Workshop of November 22, 2005 – Approve
C. Monthly Summary of Operations Report – Informational
D. Monthly Cash Disbursements for November 2005 – Informational
E. Governing Board Member Reimbursement – Approve
F. Resolution No.R. 09-2005, A Resolution Establishing Fees for the Rental of the Big Bear Area Regional Wastewater Agency Board/Meeting Room – Approve

5. Items Removed From the Consent Calendar

6. Public Forum Response – None

7. Public Forum – The Public Forum portion of the meeting is an opportunity for members of the public to directly address the Governing Board on matters within the jurisdiction of this Agency. Ordinance No. 57 limits individual public testimony to three minutes or less. The cumulative time that any individual may provide public testimony during a meeting is fifteen minutes and the public testimony shall be limited to thirty minutes for all speakers. Whenever a group of persons wishes to address the Board on the same item, the Chairman or the Board by majority vote may request a spokesperson be chosen for the group or limit the number of such person addressing the Board. Since discussion of an item, not on the posted agenda is not allowed, these concerns will be addressed in a future meeting as soon as practicable under “Public Forum Response.”

8. Old Business

A. Cannibal System and Generator Replacement – Discussion and Possible Action
B. Possible Financing for Enhancements to Treatment Plant, Resolution R.10-2005, Resolution of the Governing Board of the Big Bear Area Regional Wastewater Agency Authorizing the Execution and Delivery of a Loan Agreement, and Authorizing and Directing Certain Actions in Connection with the Financing of Wastewater System Improvements – Discussion and Possible Action
C. Comments/Questions on the Draft Program Environmental Impact Report for the Big Bear Area Regional Wastewater Agency’s Recycled Water Master Plan – Receive Comments/Questions

9. New Business

A. Governing Board Member Conduct – Discussion and Possible Action

10. Information/Committee Reports

A. Manager’s Report – Informational
B. Water Committee Report – Informational
C. Public Information/Outreach Committee Report – Informational
D. Governing Board Member Comments – Informational

11. Closed Session – None

12. Adjournment

In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act and Government Code Section 54954.2, if you need special assistance to participate in an agency meeting or other services offered by the agency, please contact Steven C. Schindler, the General Manager at (909) 584-4018. Notification at least 48 hours prior to the meeting or time when services are needed will assist the agency staff in assuring that reasonable arrangements can be made to provide accessibility to the meeting or service.

Copies of staff reports or other written documentation relating to each item of business referred to on this agenda are on file in the office of the Big Bear Area Regional Wastewater Agency and are available for public inspection. If you have questions regarding any agenda item, contact Steven C. Schindler at (909) 584-4018.

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Upcoming Agenda Deadline: January 17, 2005 for the January 25, 2006 Meeting